Lost account access


I just lost access to my Cloudflare account. In other words, password is not matching.
Problem is I went to reset password page, but got no email.
I open a ticket on Cloudflare from my personal account and they said I have to login to my account and open a ticket from the orignal account… But I lost it’s access!!
I called Cloudflare and they said support is only for Enterprise account.

Any help would be appreciated

Send an email from the same address which is associated to the account in question.


Be prepared to answer a lot of questions.

Hi Mark,
The problem is that my account is a group account, so we can share our admin permissions with more people in the company and have some backups in case of one or another are out for some days.

Anyway, I’ll try to do it
Thank you so much

That doesn’t matter. As long as you can send and receive emails with it you should be fine.

cool. thanks

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