Lost account access how do I delete dns domain from cloudflare

I moved my DNS hosting elsewhere using my registrar, but cloudflare is still responding with old dns records, I read another article that cloudflare will eventually drop the zone after 2 weeks, anyway to speed that up?

If your nameservers no longer point to Cloudflare, then public DNS requests won’t go to Cloudflare so users won’t use the Cloudflare records.

Your allocated Cloudflare nameservers will answer for your domain if you query them directly. After 7 days the domain is marked as moved, and if on a free plan deleted 7 days later. (So 2 weeks as you said).

The only way to speed it up is to delete the zone from the account, but as you’ve lost access you can’t do that unless any of this works for you…

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Just to provide with an update, it actually resolved much quicker, within about 5 hours even cloudflare is now resolving the proper DNS

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