Lost access to the cloudflare account

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One of my previous colleagues got laid-off, it is hard to get him in touch now. He created the Cloudflare account for our company. While the rest of us could not get access to this account to make some changes now. We don’t even know what email he used to create this Cloudflare account…

All that in the Cloudflare account is the operation of the website of our company, which is our company’s domain and its subdomains. I am wondering about the best solution for this. And is it possible that if we can provide the Cloudflare team the credentials of the company, so that the Cloudflare team can change the email/username/password of the corresponding domain for us.

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You need to set up the domain from scratch on a new account. Cloudflare won’t provide access to the current one.

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If one assumes they used their company email address, you can grant someone access to that email account or add their email address as an alias to someone’s account and do a password reset.

Otherwise as @sandro mentioned you’d need to set the account up again from scratch.

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Thank you for your response!

Thank you so much for your response, I will give it a try!