Lost Access to My Website After Changing Nameservers to Cloudflare

Hi there,

I pointed my domain name to Cloudflare Servers 15 hours ago. A few hours after that, I could access to my website: https://watsritawee.org for a short period of time. Then, the website has been completely disappeared with the following error message.

This site can’t be reached
Check if there is a typo in watsritawee.org.

  • If spelling is correct, [try running Windows Network Diagnostics](javascript:diagnoseErrors()).

What is happening to my website and what should I do to solve this problem?

Best regards,

This means that when you added the site to Cloudflare, your DNS records didn’t transfer over. Please make sure that you have records here that match the ones at your web host.

It’s even easier if your host will let you Export a DNS zone file.

Thank you sdayman. I am going to study this tutorial. I will get back to you and this webboard as soon as possible.

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