Lost access to Cloudflare account

Hi, I lost access to the Cloudflare account and to email what has been used for registration to this account, but I have access to the domain that has been attached to Cloudflare.

What should I do to restore access to my account?

Without access to that Gmail you can never Login

You can;t restore without Access but you can stop pointing the Domain Nameservers to Cloudflare then Cloudflare will stop pointing , Then create a New Account with the domain .

But I need the configuration from my old account. Is there a way to restore access?

The support bot told me that I need to create a new account and use my domain in the new account (request- #2382392) but it is not my way. I don’t know exactly what the configuration is on my old account so I cant use a new account because if I create a new account without configuration, there is a possibility that my services will fall.

If you cannot login and have no access to the email on the account, then no one will be able to help you.

If you can access the email then you can reset the password and go through account recovery with support if needed. Otherwise, unfortunately you will have to start from scratch.

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And there is not even an opportunity to find out which email is attached to the account? even if I can confirm that the domain used in my old account is really mine?

You can use dash.cloudflare.com/forgot-email.

Thanks @domjh I’m trying, but none of my active emails have received a notification.

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Then you have 3 options, wait longer, try again, or start with a new account.

You surely must understand why cloduflare cannot share the existing account configuration with you.

You can most likely retrieve the MX and TXT records for the domain before starting again, so that may help at least.

The best option is to Re-Create a Account

Thanks for the help guys!

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