Lost Access to CF Account

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Apologies for the redundant topic here regarding loss of access to the Cloudflare account. I’ve tried to read through several threads and can’t find the answer I need. Emailing support is pointless since you can’t talk to a real person and get bot answers instead.

I have a client who uses Cloudflare for both their DNS zone as well as their domain registrar. I wasn’t able to recover the user name or password using the “forgot” options. I’ve also read the article about creating a new Cloudflare account and moving a domain that way. My current issue with that is how I accomplish that when I don’t have access to the account that currently contains the option for me to change name servers. Any thoughts?


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That’s extremely unfortunate. [EDIT: not unfortunate for using those services, but losing access to a domain registrar account is pretty painful]

Not really. You’d get a ticket #. And if you posted it, the Billing/Registrar person who’s online in the Community right now could probably take a look at it.


Thanks @sdayman. I hope so. First time working with Cloudflare and still figuring out how to get someone’s attention. Ticket number is #2291567

I’ve put this in the escalation queue. You’ll probably hear back tomorrow.

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Hi again,

Support responded yesterday asking to update the name servers in order to move the records to another cloudflare account. I can’t… Responding to that email failed because its a “no reply” account. Any other suggestions or thoughts on how I can actually speak to someone? This is preventing me from doing some migration work for the client.


Any way I can get support’s attention on this issue?

I don’t think I saw your last response. It sounds like they want you to move records to a new account, but you can’t because the domain is through Cloudflare Registrar.

Does their email have a link to the ticket? That may be an easier way to reply.

I’ll also see if someone can take another look at that ticket.

Actually, it’s not. If you email them directly (without visiting support.cloudflare.com) then yes, it’s useless. However, if you do visit support.cloudflare.com then it has some use

That’s only if you have a free plan, only Pro, Business and Enterprise plans can email support

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It’s not. Emails to [email protected] do open a ticket as well.

Free plans can open a ticket, but it won’t usually receive a response unless it’s escalated here, which this issue has been.


Ok, gotcha!

It sounds like you’ll have to back up a bit. I think the biggest problem is this:

Since you haven’t posted the domain, we can only provide general guidance.

As it seems you don’t know the email address of the account, you’ll have to do some detective work. Have your client start combing through email accounts and messages for Clouflare email regarding this account. As there is billing involved, there should also be invoices emailed out.

You can also try a WHOIS for the domain. WHOIS includes contact information. It’s anonymized, but does include a contact form for that domain:
Billing Email: https://domaincontact.cloudflareregistrar.com/EXAMPLE.com
That should send an email to the address associated with your client’s account.


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