Lost Access To Backup Codes In Google Authenticator 2FA

Few Months ago i enabled 2FA on my another account and now i have lost access to google authenticator backup codes. I contact Cloudflare by their support email. They assigned me a ticket number #1635208 and ask me for some details to remove 2FA from that account and i provided them by replying to that mail. Now it has beeen 4 days but on one is replying me there. i am running my 5 sites on that so please help me to get access to my that account.

is anyone there?

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Now i dont have backup codes to login into account as i said before that i reset my phone and google authenticator now dont have codes for my account and now as i login it asks for two factor and i dont have code. Them how i will disable it?

Please read that article I linked to. It is explained there.

  1. During activation of two factor authentication, you will be given a few backup codes that you should write down and store in a safe place . If you do not have these codes, you should contact Cloudflare Support, this Community cannot assist you in recovering access.
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I dont have codes that is the problem and i contact at [email protected] and they ask me for details that are written On Number 6 in your provided article

  • The list of domains (1 or more) in your account
  • The IP address(es) for the web server(s) associated with each those domain(s) (1 or more)
  • Who your hosting provider is for each of those domain(s) (1 or more)
  • What your original name servers were for each of those domain(s) (1 or more)
  • For Authy, the phone number you used to activate Authy on your Cloudflare account

I have have provided all these details by replying to that mail but no one is replying me there since 3 days

This is my ticket number that i got through mail #1635208.

We can’t help with that in the community I am afraid. You will just have to wait for support to respond.

This is not fair man how they will reply me back.

Can’t answer that either I am afraid!!


5 days​:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

If you are on the free plan there is unprecedented demand for support at the moment and delays are expected.

should i wait?

Not a lot else you can do! Opening another ticket would just slow everything down even more so just leave it and hope @cloonan can have a look when he comes online.

I have a backup key that was provided on the time of enabling 2FA. It can work?

Hi @user8863, yes the backup key is perfect, have you tried to get access with that? I’ll take a look at the ticket and see if I can nudge it along.


backup key is like that I4QFSMEGCFWNPOYL3TEH54**********

  • are also numbers

i tried to use it on 2 factor code but it says not valid and password i know

OK, we are back to the reset then…will start my nudging…

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Nudges work, @user8863 please check and let us know.

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Thanks @cloonan now i am able to login into my account. Mark this issue resolved

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