Lost access to account

the email account I use to login was closed years ago and I never used it (besides as login to my cloud flare account). Now I cannot login again since whenever I try, I get the message that a code was sent to my email account (which is closed:(() and I need to enter the code.
How can I solve this? Cloudflare is apparently very good in avoiding any personal customer contact :frowning:

If you no longer have access to that email you’ll just have to make a new account under a different email. Did you actively use the account with this email?

Yes, I run multiple websites with this account…

Even paid ones so I do expect some kind of human support…

Support is your only route then, nothing we can do on the community forum. Please post your ticket number though and I’m sure it can be escalted to an employee.

I guess you’ll need to try and prove you own the account with as much information as you can, support can help you with that though.

OK, thank you, I will try…did not see that I can post a ticket so far, but I will have a look

You should be able to email [email protected]. Once you’ve emailed them, you’ll get an automated response with a ticket number. Post that here and also reply with more information (in order to keep the ticket open).

I created a ticket (2188175)… I am sure there is a way to solve that. Thank you again!!

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It’s the weekend, so account access and billing issues (you sort of have both) make take a bit longer, but I’m bumping this to the escalation queue as you’re completely stuck until then. An interesting conundrum, considering you can’t cancel a paid subscription without getting nasty with credit card chargebacks.

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Sounds great. Yes, It is some kind of weird. I always thought that I should change login/email but never did :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Fortunatenly it is not critical to get access NOW, but some time next week would be nice :slight_smile: Regards,

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We’ve escalated your ticket at this time. These situations can be difficult and sometimes it is necessary to create a new account. Our goal is to ensure the security and privacy of all our customers.

When you create a new account you are given new nameservers and are then able to “control” the domain by updating the nameservers at your registrar.

More information can be found at https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/204615358-Moving-domains-between-Cloudflare-accounts#12345681.

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Support contacted me 24 hrs ago and told me that this seems to be a major problem and asked me to confirm problem. I did and have not heard from them so far :frowning:

Moreover I have paid membership at the “old” account and how can I end this when I am not able to login?

To be honest I cannot understand that there is no easy way to solve this. I have login credentials and the support only need to ensure that there is no additional “security code email” sent just for one time (which is normal NOT sent) and that I can login just 1x and change email address in my account :rage:

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