Lost 2FA to Cloudflare Account

My Cloudfare password was overwritten in apple’s keychain. I still know the password as I had recorded it elsewhere however the 2FA along with the recovery codes were lost. I’ve contacted support via the suggested method and received instructions on creating files and meta tags. The problem is I have 4 domains proxied thru this account, two (2) of the domains where purchased/registered thru Cloudflare. The other two domains are parked on top of the initial two. The recovery instructions requires creating 4 files/meta tags with the same name. … .one for each domain‘s server. However, there are only 2 servers involved since 2 domains are parked.

Is there any other way to recover the account? I’ve already created the two possible files with the required content using the main domains pointing to that server. I know my post may be somewhat confusing, non the less I’m hoping someone can help me further.
Thanks in advance.

If you’ve done everything possible, that’s usually enough. Though if you include your billing info (last 4 digits of credit card, or the PayPal address if that’s what you use) that should help convince Support.

I will email them again with the card info as you suggested.

Make sure your email is a reply on the original ticket #.

Yes, thanks for that info, I just realized the second email was fr a different account.