Lost 2FA(GA), and CF Support is not helping

First of all, I really hope if someone from CF read this post, can forward this post to the manager of CF support team. My CF account is ed555009 AT gmail DOT com (I am posting with newly registered account)

My account had 2FA enabled last month(last time when CF mail service failed), I reset my phone which has GA installed, and I did not have a backup of GA nor the backup code. Yes, I know it’s my mistake, no complaining.

Here are the logs I communicate with CF Support through email which is associated with my CF account:

I send first email to [email protected] tell ask them to temporarily disable 2FA in my account. Then I receive reply ask me to confirm 5 questions about my account settings.

I reply all questions to [email protected] 12 hours later I receive mail from Ricardo, CF support engineer tell the information provide does not match, they cannot disable 2FA for me, and he simply closed my support ticket.

I realized maybe I have misunderstood some of those 5 questions. So I write [email protected] again to ask if they can disable 2FA for me.

Like before, i received the same 5 questions. I reply with some questions to each of those 5 to make sure I understand it correctly.

Receive from Christie D., Technical support engineer, explains those 5 questions.

I’m confident with 4 of those 5 questions, except one: the original name servers before switch to CF. I told them twice as a long time CF user, I always switch name servers to CF after I register domains, I don’t use GoDaddy(where I register domain) DNS service, and the domain was registered a year ago, how would I remember the default name servers?(I did contact GoDaddy see if they have name server change log, but no luck, they don’t keep change history)

So, I reply 4 questions and attach other stuff to try to prove I am the CF account and domains owner, including:

  1. A screenshot of e-invoice from GoDaddy of one domain name listed in my CF account, and the e-invoice PDF itself.

  2. A screenshot of billing section in my GoDaddy account which show the last 4 digits, expire date of my credit card, name of the card holder, also cardholder’s email(same as my CF account).

  3. The same credit card photo I registered in my GoDaddy account.

  4. A screenshot of the web server shows IIS setting window, website files directory with all files and folders showing, and NIC window shows IP address which is the A record of the domain in my CF account.

  5. A e-invoice PDF from the hosting company which is related to one of those 5 questions.

Christie reply and ask for the original name servers. Obviously all stuff I provide are ignored.

I reply again, ask them to review all stuff I sent, and explain again why I am not able to answer this question. (Would you ever remember or record the settings if you never use GoDaddy’s DNS service in your production environment? Not to mention it’s a year ago). I even suggested I can do a screen recording video to show them accessing GoDaddy, Gmail, GSuite, and the web server.

3 hours later, I made another reply tell them I have the SSL certificate files(pfx and password), SSL purchase invoice, GSuite invoice from Google, and willing to provide any or all for them to check if they want to. I also attach my business card which shows the company name, website, email address(domain listed in my CF account), and a physical invoice paper of another domain that I just renew it 2 weeks ago. I even provide another 4 different email address(all 4 domains are listed in my CF account of course) so they can send mail to anyone of them to confirm.

I have to say CF provide excellent services but awful support. They would rather ask me to answer a question that I can’t remember than review all those stuff I provide. [email protected] is just doing “works”, not “support”.

I am feeling helpless and very disappointed. I mean, come on, what’s the possibility that I have CF account/password, access email associated with CF, access emails listed in my CF account, SSL files, invoices of domains and hosting service, business card with domain and email on it, credit card used to register domains, but not the CF account owner?

Why would I switch my domain’s name servers to somebody else’s CF account? Would you? Common sense right?

Another 20 hours passed, I am still waiting for their reply and praying they would ever take a look of all those proofs an I sent.

Again, I hope someone from CF would forward this post to the support team manager to review my case.

It about security. Your security
Provide those nameservers that were assigned after you registered the domain. If you don’t know them you could ask go daddy.

Maybe @cscharff or @cloonan can help here. Let’s see. Best would be to provide the ticket id

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@MarkMeyer @cscharff @cloonan
Yes, of course I understand it’s about security. What I don’t understand is I can provide all information about domain listed in my CF account, including invoices, payment credit card, SSL certificate, accessing to my hosting machine…etc. All these stuff does not make me qualified? but the original nameservers? It’s nearly impossible to ask an user to answer this, not to mention it’s a year ago and it’s from a service he never use. I don’t know how many IT mangers keep records the domain registrant’s nameservers they never use, but I don’t, I just cannot answer this question.

As my post mentioned, I did contact GoDaddy, but there are 2 problems:

  1. They don’t keep name server change history, so they can’t telll what were the nameservers before I switch to CF.

  2. I tried switch one(actually the same domain I answer to the 5 questions, which is bitpoint DASH apec DOT com) of my domains nameservers back to GoDaddy, but GoDaddy’s nameservers are rotating, I tried twice, got 2 different sets, yesterday are ns67,ns68.domaincontrol.com, today are ns25, ns26.domaincontrol.com.

As long as I can remember, the last domain I update in my CF account is apexchange DOT io, and I can tell all A records I set, wouldn’t this be more accurate? Just take a look the activity of my CF account, it should be easy to inspect, if CF keeps users’ activities log.

BTW, my ticket id is 1580683.

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