Lost 2FA + Codes

Hi, I have lost access to my 2FA device also the backup codes to login. This is a newly created account to make this topic, I have sent multiple emails to [email protected] with no response, how do I gain access to my account or atleast remove the dns record so I can create a new account and re-apply my domain settings?

You can generally set up a new account and add that domain. They’ll assign you two new name servers and then wait for you to update your WHOIS to match. Then you should be good to go.

I’ve tried doing this but I just get given the same two name servers.

Did you email support from the email address associated with that original account? Sending in a support request usually gets you an automated response with a ticket number.

Yes, sent the emails from the email address associated with this original account, just sent another email to support and didn’t receive an automated response.

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