Lost 2FA Access - lost my email

Hello everyone

I lost my 2FA access along with recovery codes and I am unable to login to my superadmin account. Now I have lost complete access to the domain since there is only 1 superadmin account

Tech support is not of much help inspite of multiple calls and emails. How can I disable the 2FA access?

I lost my email

This is the only process to recover you domain:

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I can provide these things. I lost my email, so I can’t accept the verification code

  • The list of domains (1 or more) in your account
  • The IP address(es) for the web server(s) associated with each those domain(s) (1 or more)
  • Who your hosting provider is for each of those domain(s) (1 or more)
  • What your original name servers were for each of those domain(s) (1 or more)

if transfer the domain to a new account,Will the package I purchased still exist?

I am not sure, and that’s something that the community isn’t going to be. You can contact the billing team about it.