Lost 2FA Access - Do not have the recovery codes also

Hello everyone

I lost my 2FA access along with recovery codes and I am unable to login to my superadmin account. Now I have lost complete access to the domain since there is only 1 superadmin account

Tech support is not of much help inspite of multiple calls and emails. How can I disable the 2FA access?

I followed all steps to recover the account as adviced by the tech support like the below

Option 1: Create a file on your web server

Please create a file at /.well-known/cf-2fa-verify.txt with the following content for 5 of your active domains (or all your active domains if you have less than 5):
(/.well-known/cf-2fa-verify.txt for example)

What is the ticket number?

Hello domjh

The ticket number is 2470026

Thank you

Hi domjh

Were you able to have a look at the ticket?

I have escalated the ticket for someone from support to check on.

Thank you domjh. Appreciated.

Tech support helped me to disable the 2FA now and I have managed to login to my account

Thank you for helping me.

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Please I have a similar problem. Lost my phone and now I’m challenged with 2FA.

I’ve contacted support and all I’m getting is bot response.

Can you please escalate my complaint to a human? I need access back in my account.

Ticket is #2474538

Thank you please😢