Lost 2FA access and backup code

I’ve lost 2FA access to my account. I’ve also lost the backup codes. It’s irrelevant how, why, etc.

I have sent 3 emails over the past 2 weeks to the official support email address from my original email account on file but have not received any response from Cloudflare. No support tickets created. Nothing.

Is there an alternative method to get in contact with someone who can reset 2FA access on the account?

Thanks in advance for the help.

Can you post the ticket number?


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Already emailed many times. Received no response from official support.

No ticket number generated.

An email to that address should get you a ticket number. Have you checked spam folders etc.? If you havent received anything there is a chance they never got it. You mailed it to support at Cloudflare dot com, right?

Yeah checked them all. Guess I’ll try sending another one again…

Try another one.

@cloonan, an email should return a ticket number, shouldnt it?

Yes it should, @lacerum, I searched tickets submitted with your email and don’t see any. If you used a different email, let me know here (not the address) and I’ll send a private message to you, please respond with the email you used, if different, and I’ll take a look again.

Well that’s interesting. I just sent another one and finally got a support ticket created.

Wonder what the issue was?? Anyway, guess I’ll get it sorted out eventually.

Thanks tremendously for all your help!

Yeah I had to use a different email since I couldn’t log on with the original due to 2FA.

Anyway, I got a support ticket number now so hopefully all will get sorted.

Thanks for the help!!

No worries. Still, post the ticket number here, so @cloonan can keep track.


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