Lost 2 factor auth and cannot reset via Authy

I’ve been using Authy 2 factor, but due to a reset of my old phone and changing sim cards, I’ve lost access to my Authy app.

I’ve been through the recovery process with authy but with no luck.

Now I cannot reset authy Authy because the phone number isn’t valid any more.

How can I reset my 2 auth for my account from here?
Is there somewhere you can call?

Really hoping to find help

Hello there. When you initially set up 2FA you should have received a ‘backup code’ to keep for this situation


If you don’t have this code, you may have to contact support directly

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Correct. If the steps in the Help Center article don’t work you will need to email support from the address on your Cloudflare account. Let them know that you want to disable 2FA and you’ll be given further instructions.

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whats the support email?

support [at] Cloudflare.com

Be sure you’re sending from the email address associated with your account.

I seem to be having an issue very similar to this.

I had been using Google authenticator as my two-auth code generator on my phone. Recently, i upgraded my phone and had to reinstall authenticator, but i apparently need authenticator that has the auth code to get into Cloudflare to set up auth for Cloudflare on the new phone.

I can’t remember for the life of me where my backup codes are.

i know why these steps are in place, because of security reasons, but there should be a “i dont have access to these” option that gets you an option to get in haha

Any chance i can get some help?

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Email support: support AT Cloudflare DOT com
They might send TSA over to verify your identity. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

ha ok i kind of figured but was hoping to check here just in case. ill see what happens. thank you for the reply!

The backup codes are only made available when you are turning 2FA on. So if you need one (and have a working phone authenticator currently) you can disable and turn back on to get one.

Hi Ryan, as it was suggested, i emailed support and was able to get everything online after they reset it, thank you though!

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Yes, it appeared that you were squared away. Just wanted to make sure you (and others) knew that the backup codes are only offered during setup. That’s something I just learned recently myself :slight_smile:

yup, and if you forget to write down that backup code when you first set it up, theres no way to grab that code once you exit out again. you’ll have to use the newly authenticated authenticator app to sign in and re set up authenticator.

essentially, grab that backup code before you exit the modal that you scan the QR because that is the only time you’ll see the backup code.

— Darian Rosebrook

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Just to throw a bit of extra advice out (after the fact, I know) but there are alternative TOTP apps to the ‘official’ Google Authenticator one which IMO work better.

The app Authy, for example, allows you to sync codes across multiple devices which is handy if you do ever lose access to the primary app. That was also the app Cloudflare used to force you to use for 2FA before using the Google standard one, FWIW.

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