Lost 2-FA - Cannot login to CF

The day before yesterday I reset my phone, now I unable to login in CF dashboard. I already open a support ticket
[Cloudflare Support] 1782207 - Lost 2 Factor Authentication and Backup Code

I got some automated mail to verify my ownership of my account via adding some meta tag in the header. This email I get quickly within a few hours of opening a support ticket.

I implemented all those meta tags in the header of my site. Till now, I didn’t get any mail support team. If anyone here from the support team please speed up the process. I just waiting for a while. It is an emergency, please !!

This topic are created from different email address. Please follow the above mention support ticket number


Hi @1stmay2016,

Here in the community we don’t have access to your account or tickets. One of the mods may have a look at the ticket for you.

If you have already verified as instructed by the autoresponse, and you have replied to support telling them this, there isn’t really anything we can to to help.

Thanks for your time. Any other way to communicate with support team like chat, call etc?


No problem, sorry I couldn’t help further.

If you are on a Business plan, there is live chat (however, you have to be logged in) and on an Enterprise plan, you have the option to call. On Free or Pro though, I’m afraid not.

I am in the free plan. How many times it will take? Did you know any estimated time or any one face similar issue

I know this has come up many times before, but if you don’t have any backup codes, only support can help you recover access. I am not sure how long it will take, I believe median response time on free is 13hr.

I already wait over 1.5 days. Let see when it resolved.

Maybe @cloonan can have a look at the ticket.


Sorry for the issues @1stmay2016, were you able to successfully login after the reset?

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Thank you @cloonan and @domjh for helping me. Now I am able to log in CF.