Losses to

Hello guys, can you help me out?

I’m Alexandre from ASN 265442 and I’d like to ask your help. We’re trying to reach DNS from any of our ASNs, finding the best route through Sao Paulo Interchange Point (ASN13335). Unfortunately we’re encountering great packet losses which we couldn’t yet explain. Is there any suggestions you give us to reach with less losses? Our customers are finding a hard time to use CloudFlare DNS.

Have you tried emailing [email protected] (cloudflare) about this?

Unfortunately I do not have the NOC email address.

[email protected] - which is also listed on the PeeringDB for Cloudflare’s AS: https://www.peeringdb.com/asn/13335 (and also listed on the WHOIS record for IPs on their netblock, e.g. when you WHOIS the IP of www.cloudflare.com)

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