Losing subdomains

G’Day Guys

So I’m a newbie here, but I had an acct. years ago when CF was very new and a free acct. only allowed 1 x dom.

I’m looking to dip my toe again and I’m finding this CDN is starting to scare me :frowning:

1st, the number of different domains inbound via SMTP sparkpostmail.com & kickboxio.net

kickboxio.net tried to deliver spam !!!

12/02/2022 10:03:49 AM N S A 3: SMTP ‘405’ - ‘RCPT TO: <[email protected] [ R E D A C T E D ] >’

So my biggest concern is I have 100s of sub-domains on approx. 200 doms. and if I make changes to the NS what happens to them ?


Pls. discourse.cloud for this community !!!

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