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Hello, My website was linked to Cloudflare server names and this was more than a year ago but suddenly about a month or less ago my site stopped working and I don’t have a backup of the site files, I also forgot the email associated with my Cloudflare account, how can I Access to my account or access to site files? Why has my site been suspended?

Well, for starters, Cloudflare is not your host and does not host your site. For that you will need to contact your host.

As for your Cloudflare account, if you don’t remember the account address, you will need to add the domain to a new account. What’s the domain?


Rather, my host is Cloudflare, and this guide:

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As I mentioned, Cloudflare is not a host.

Again, what’s the domain?


All right, that domain is currently not active on Cloudflare.

You best point it back to your actual host and then re-add it to your Cloudflare account.

You should also make sure that the nameservers actually do not get changed once you set them, otherwise Cloudflare will delete the domain and that’s presumably why it’s not in your account any more, which you can verify at https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/audit-log

Ok, but I want to access the site files because I do not know how to access them

You need to ask your host, as I wrote Cloudflare is not your host.

Also, your domain seems to have expired.

The domain is active and has not expired.
For more than three years the server names are the same for this domain as I have not had any hosting subscription.\

Where did you manage your files? Were you using any of the hosting services of Cloudflare?

In fact, I don’t know if I had a hosting account with Cloudflare, but as I said a few years ago, I didn’t have my website’s domain. The server names belong to Cloudflare.

Assuming that was your site - أفضل طبيب جراحة عامة في الأردن ⋆ الجراحة العامة في الأردن I الدكتور عمر الزين - it was a Wordpress site, which can’t be hosted on Cloudflare, which brings us back to Cloudflare not being your host.

I am afraid you really need to figure out who your host is and contact them.

Can you help me find out who my host is then?
And how was the site working for three years without the server names of the host, but rather the names of the servers of Cloudflare?

I am afraid that’s really beyond the scope of the forum. Simply figure out whom you paid or where you managed your files or contact the person who managed your site. Check your emails as well.

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I searched for it but couldn’t find it
Other than that, during this period, I did not pay subscriptions to any hosting party. What I was doing was only paying for the renewal of the domain.
I was asking the support of my domain renewal service provider about hosting, and they were telling me that it was hosted on Cloudflare.

These two sentences are probably related.

Your domain is also tagged as being in the autoRenewPeriod. You need to find talk to your Registrar in the first instance. Your Registrar is (as @sandro stated) the company you were paying for the domain registration.

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But I only paid them to renew the domain subscription

We are slightly going in circles here. Clouflare is not a host and can’t have hosted a Wordpress site. You really need to follow the steps mentioned to find out who hosted your site.

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