Losing IPv6 connectivity with WARP+


I’m losing IPv6 connectivity with WARP+ as soon as I enter my WARP+ key, works fine before that with regular WARP but once the key is entered IPv6 connectivity is lost.

I was using 2023.9.248.0, have since rolled back to 2023.3.450.0 but am still experiencing the same issue.

Here’s the link to the web diagnostic tool:


I am currently using Version 2023.9.252.0 (20230927.21), and I am experiencing the same issue. However, both Warp Free and Warp Zero Trust can successfully obtain both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses without any problems.

The issue seems to be somehow resolved on mobile devices. But on my laptop it still sucks that IPv6 is blocked: Google prompts me reCAPTCHAs everytime because of that. My WAPR+ subscription is canceled for now since I can’t benefit from it.

I notice that reset-settings resolves the issue, but then I can’t rotate keys or set families mode without getting IPv6 blocked again. And when I do that, warp does change the nftables:

Just an update on my issue, it seems to have resolved itself the other day.
Don’t believe I did anything in particular, just one day I switched from mode to with WARP and it was working again.

IPv6 works for me on Android but not on my Windows laptop or Debian server, I even tried the beta version of the Windows client. (All the devices in the same network, without native IPv6.)

Running warp-cli delete && warp-cli register to register the free plan on Linux regained IPv6 for me, and after the warp-cli set-license, it lost IPv6 again.

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This issue is now affecting my iPhone, v17.1.1

Same here, don’t know why they still dodn’t fix this

If they plan not to fix this, I may consider stop my subscription to WARP+