Loosing referral on google Analytics https / http


If you are using Google Analytics and you get a referral from a https site (ex. https://sitea.com), while yours is still http before cloudflare, you are loosing the source. That means the referal is not sitea.com, it is direct.

Is there any solution to that problem?



Are you saying that you want to redirect all HTTPS traffic to HTTP ?



If you get traffic on a http site from a https site, google Analytics does not know the referral:

So, if I use Cloudflare for the https, I lose all referral informaiton as Google treats the site as http.

Hope that helps.


Doesn’t Google Analytics let you specify all the URLs your domain uses? So you’d include all combinations of HTTP/HTTPS and www/non-www.

Is there some way you can install SSL on your server? If it’s cPanel, I believe it’s fairly easy to install an Origin Certificate.


I know that webmaster tools treats HTTP and HTTPS as completely different versions of the site. I think if you’re redirecting all traffic from the HTTP to the HTTPS version and you specify the HTTPS protocol in your canonical tag, then that’s all you can do.



Oh, wait. you’re taking about the refer policy.

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