Looping in two-factor authentication problem

I’m trying to log in with another account but it’s forcing two-factor authentication, when trying to proceed it’s not performing any action, I’ve checked in the browser’s network tab and an error is occurring stating that the account needs to be verified.

To be able to resend the email confirmation link, you need to be logged in, but I can’t log in because of two-factor authentication, so I’m stuck in this looping.

I have domains that are pointed to production, and I urgently need to change some settings.

Can anyone help me please?

Hi there,

this is Blake with the support team.

Sorry to hear you are stuck in a loop here.

Can you please submit an account ticket so I can take a look? Feel free to paste the ticket number in this community thread so I can assist you further.

Hi Blake,

How can I submit an account ticket? I believe I need to be logged in.

I believe there is a form you can submit.

However, for efficiency and convenience let me check the account and just assist directly on this thread.

To confirm what is the email address of your account?

If you are invited to another account where mfa is enforced, please have them remove you from the account and try logging in again.

The email address is redacted

I’m the owner of this account but i didn’t activate the two-authentication.

Hey, are you trying something?

Is the issue still occuring?

I can see your email is verified.

It’s still happening, I have applications in production that I need to configure.


Hey, did you check if my e-mail is verified? I believe it is not.

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