LoopBack Error on Full Strict with new SSL Cert

Hi Guys

This new error just popped up in WordPress. I did think it might be because im using auto SSL so I bought an SSL and installed it and then set to “Full Strict” But still gettting the two failures with Cloudflare on. With it paused the errors go away.

Make sure to allow your server IP in a Cloudflare access rule.

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I added the dedicated IP of the server to WAF and no change. I still have those two errors in site health. So far I have

Bought a new SSL from Comodo
Had Invision check the server (No findings)
Added dedicated IP address to WAF
Set to Full Strict

Have you looked in the WAF activity log to see if your test is appearing there?

I see some articles online about failures with these two tests, but nothing concrete concerning Cloudflare settings.

Are you using any WordPress security plugin?
Are you restoring visitor IPs?


Was using Wordfence but have disabled and deleted it for the time being.
Ive looked in WAF log but it only shows the normal stuff people trying to find wp-login

How do I “restore visitor IPs?” What even is that?

All I know is that this IS a CF issue. If I pause CF the errors go away so CF is blocking something here. Just dont know what.

Yet :slight_smile:

Ill try this BUT:

I have two Wp websites running on this server. Both in CF. One has these two errors and the other does not. The one that has the errors was running fine for months and then the errors just popped up one day out of the blue.

Im trying to figure out what the ■■■■ the difference is between the two sites for one to be erroring and the other not.

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