Loop infinite too much redirects message message DNS can't resolve itself



Hi Guys,
I’m a newbie here, and I would really appreciate any input.

I’m running in this issue where its seems to be a loop infinite. I found I post here with some instructions which I followed, but not success.
I had ssl certificate running in my bluehost, and here in cloudflare. I’ve changed my ssl in CL to full mode instead of flexible as instructed on the article, but it did not work. I also disabled SSL in the bluehost and just left the cloudflare working but so far the website still down.

Any help is welcome please,

Thank you


Right now http://www.yourdomain.com redirects to http://yourdomain.com which redirects to https://yourdomain.com which redirects to https://www.yourdomain.com.

The www should work if you set it to full and make sure Bluehost SSL is enabled.


Thank you for your quick reply.
I just wanna make sure, I’m doing the right thing here. So basically, under the page rules.
Should I use just one rule www.mydomain.com/* is that right? and full SSL mode.


Yes I believe so.

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