Lookup Ray ID

How do I lookup a ray ID to investigate a 522 error?


The Ray ID is added as a header to every request. You can visit the relevant page/domain with Dev Tools open and look for the cf-ray header, or curl -I https://example.com | egrep cf-ray or some similar command. The header value returns the Ray ID followed by -ABC, with the colocation code.


If you instead mean in the Cloudflare Dashboard use the Ray ID you have gathered and then go into the Firewall Events.



522 error ray ID’s show in the firewall section? That wouldn’t make sense.

Right, there would be nothing to investigate for a 522… the connection times out at the origin.

So, in other words, the Ray ID for non-firewall errors are totally pointless?

Ray IDs are assigned to every request in the Cloudflare network, it’s not specific to errors.

If you are seeing a 522 there is nothing to investigate on Cloudflare’s side, but it can be tracked if needed and if it’s in the sampled requests by Support staff.

A 522 is a timeout of the origin server, what could Cloudflare even show? A line saying there was a timeout for that request?

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So why show it on the error page if it can’t be used to investigate?

I’ve resolved the error. That’s not my question. :slight_smile:

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