Looking to host a Minecraft server using cloudflare to hide my IP


Hey there!

So I’m trying to host a Minecraft server on my laptop and play on it with a few people, but I’d rather not give out my actual IP. I asked someone on the VPN subreddit, and they recommended this: “Get a free .tk domain and change the Port of your server to some cloudflare supported port. Then hide your server behind Cloudflare”

“Basically you get a domain, point it to your IP, run the connection through a cloudflare port, so people FIRST hit cloudflare and then cloudflare sends to your server”
So I’ve got the first step down; I have a domain from dot.tk, but, but past this I’m a little clueless on what to do.

Would anyone be willing to help me out? Thanks!


I believe you created a CF account? I can help you up until the point of changing the port on a Minecraft server, which I never used. A guide to start is here



On the “Add your site” page, I’m getting an error, unfortunately.

“maxbox.ml is not a registered domain (Code: 1049)”


Mmmm it seems that they are right, it seems unregistered. Are you certain you have done so? If so, how long ago did you register it?


I’m getting a WHOIS hit for that domain, plus an IP address.

How about trying again?

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