Looking for volunteers for Cloudflare Feedback Program

At Cloudflare, the voice of the customer is an important part of how we learn and innovate to create a faster, safer Internet. We are building a program for regular feedback on our products and programmatic initiatives in order to meet the needs of our growing community.

If you are interested, we’d like to hear from you!


Should I insert all or only one of the domains in the account? PS: what if someone is PM, Dev, Sys Admin and Sys Architect?


Good call. I just changed that one to checkboxes too.

Thanks! Would basically have to select almost all of the boxes :joy:

Can you make checkboxes for the “What industry are you in” options as well? I’d be in four of them.

Would that mean you actually own businesses that fall into different industries, or that your provide services administering CF for other companies in different industries?

Directly I offer Hosting, content writing (‘digital publishing’?), and online video. For clients and subclients I do all that and I build ecommerce and saas projects.

Ok, try now :slight_smile:


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