Looking for the CSR to give to GoDaddy



I was getting unsecured icons for all my domains. Today I ordered SSL certs and
GoDaddy is configuring those for me now.

Two of my domains have DNS records pointing to Cloudflare.

GoDaddy asked me to get CSR (Certificate Signing Request) and provide them
with that paragraph of code and GoDaddy will configure.

I’m searching help, and topics and not seeing anything on this.

Does anyone know where I can find the CSR code?

Thank you in advance for any help.


Short answer: GoDaddy shouldn’t need a CSR from Cloudflare.

For your Cloudflare enabled hosts, Cloudflare can enable Universal SSL so your visitors get secured icons.

For those same hosts, as they sit behind Cloudflare, they need their own SSL certificate. Here are some good instructions on how to do that:

Then you can adjust your SSL level here at Cloudflare to Full (Strict).


Thank you kindly.
I did a help search on the CloudFlare site for “CSR” and thisdid not come up. You see, I don’t even know what I shouldbe searching for. All new language for me.
My end objective with this activity is to get my several domains to show as “secure” rather than “unsecured”.
I’m told by GoDaddy I needed SSL certs to all of them. Just learning about SSL certs. Had no idea.
This is why I’m getting confused. I’m getting different directionsfrom different people and I don’t know what I don’t know or eventhe questions to ask to get my accounts at Cloud Flare set up toa point of operation.
I called GoDaddy because all my domains are showing unsecured.
They sold me a package of 10 SSL certs today they are putting them on my domains outside of the two I have on CloudFlare.
They asked me to contact CloudFlare for the CSR certs ( a paragraph of code) and they will add it to my domains
I’ll attempt to follow the directions you sent me and tell GoDaddyI’m doing it myself (?).
Side note: I’m still not fixed on the email issue. Going on a week nowstuck. Surely things can’t be this difficult.
Thank you for your response. I really appreciate it.


For now, on your Cloudflare sites, you should be able to go to the Crypto tab and turn on SSL at the very top. You can set it to Flexible, which will let you display a secure site to your visitors without needing an SSL cert on your server.

Scroll down a bit and turn on Always Use HTTPS, so visitors will be automatically redirected to your HTTPS secured site.

For the GoDaddy part, they should be able to help you get a local certificate installed in your GoDaddy server. For example, I have sites behind Cloudflare, but they use local Let’s Encrypt certificates that are configured and installed on my server account. Cloudflare has nothing to do with those certificates installed on my server.


I will do that. Thank you