Looking for original size, not resized images

I’m using the quick upload drag & drop form in the dashboard. I want to use my original, larger-sized images. I keep getting my only variant (public) and nothing else. Does anyone know how I can just upload and use the original image? Thank you

You can use the Flexible Variants URL:



I picked Format=Auto as a setting that interferes the least. You could probably also use the metadata option for keep or none. These all come from the options for Image Transformations.


I thought there was some basic way to get the image as you’re asking, but I just can’t find the document for that (if it really exists).

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You can with an API token: https://developers.cloudflare.com/api/operations/cloudflare-images-base-image

Otherwise not really aside from the method you shared or creating a variant with a comically large size.

Considering this setting does nothing at all on Cloudflare-hosted images and is just ignored, that certainly is the case. To get a specific file format you can play with the Accept header.


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