Looking for help

Im not sure if I am in the right place. Sorry if Im not, but anyway for the past 2 days when I go to this website freemp3cloud dot com and search for a song then when I try to download one of the results, I keep getting error code 521. The only option for support brought me to this website. I just want to know if it is ever going to work again. Again, I am sorry if Im in the wrong place! TIA!!

If that is not your site, you need to contact the site owner, their site does not work. If it is your site, you need to contact your host as the site still does not work.

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I couldn’t find a link to contact the site owner, it only showed a link for this website

Maybe try to find some other way to contact them. Cloudflare is not involved here I am afraid.

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I was afraid of that