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Cloudflare’s free SSL needs to be renewed (every 90 days or so)?
Is it slow or fast-where does it rank?

What is meant by 3 page blog?
Could I have more than 3 pages plus 2 subdomains plus one other webpage with few pages and still use free SSL that you offer?


This happens automatically. Don’t bother.

Three page rules on a free plan. With page rules you can control what happens when a visitor hit’s a specific domain / URL.

Every domain get’s it’s free SSL

Initially cloudflare issues a cert for your 2nd Level (domain.com) and a wildcard (*.domain.com) which covers the 3rd level like www.domain.com or home.domain.com and all other subdomains on this level.

How ever: if you have a sub domain like josh.home.domain.com the 4th level (josh) is not covered and you need to buy a cert from cloudflare for this sub zone. This will again cover josh.home.domain.com and a wildcard for the 5th level. and so on and so on…

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