Looking for DDoS protection

We have a client with his server in our data center and our dedicated IP.
He is using this server for online games and many ports are open and cannot be closed because they are needed for connection.
We know that Cloudflare offers DDoS protection for websites but what about servers with dedicated IP?
We heard something about Cloudflare Spectrum but there is no info about the price.

Cloudflare predominantly protects web-based services. Would your client’s use-cases fall into that category or not? You mentioned online games, if they do not use HTTP you wont be able to utilise Cloudflare’s protection layer.

Spectrum would be a possible solution to extend that to generic TCP services, however that service is only available on the Enterprise plan, which comes at a hefty price.

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Thank You for fast reply!

Our client uses only connection by IP without HTTP.
If I understood You right, only Enterprise plan can provide us this solution?

What services does he use?

But yes, from this description it would seem he could use Cloudflare only with an Enterprise plan.

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