Looking for consultant to fix DKIM Records via Screen Sharing

I use Infusionsoft and my Wordpress website is hosted by wpengine and Cloudflare. I need to ensure CNAME “Name” or “Host” value in your DNS.

Apparently the record is not in my DNS control panel.

I do not know how to correctly add it to Cloudflare’s DNS in our admin panel? This does not seem to be an issue that Cloudflare can assist me with as they speak tech and I do not understand them.

Therefore I am looking for a consultant whom I can pay for a screen sharing session to get it sorted.

these don’t help ?

It’s very easy to add Cname (Canonical Name record).
It’s basically an alias of other domain you would like to redirrect as a subdomain.

Go to your Cloudflare control panel > click DNS.
At the very top block, you see a form below the search, press A to drop-down and see other dns records option, you’ll see CNAME as one of the options.
Select it and fill the next entry with the name you want ie. dog.urdomain.com or just enter dog.
The next one is the link you need to redirect / origin url ie. google .com.
fot the TTL select automatic, and you’re done.

anytime you entered dog. urdomain .com it will open google .com