Looking for a Worker expert that can help us build a Worker


We’re looking for a Cloudflare Worker expert that can build a Worker for us.

The long and short:

We build all our sites in Webflow, which provides a free SSL certificate. Unfortunately a lot of our clients need to use Cloudflare, which doesn’t work so well with the Webflow SSL settings so we just turn it off in Webflow and have Cloudflare handle the SSL, which works just fine. The only issue is the sitemap.xml file. Webflow updates the sitemap.xml each time a new page is published, but as Webflow thinks the site doesn’t have a SSL certificate all the URLs in the file are http instead of https.

We need a Cloudflare worker that can rewrite the urls in the sitemap.xml file on the fly so they display as https instead of http. We have no control of the file in Webflow, it’s autogenerated so we need a worker to do that. A good example is our own sitemap: https://www.milkmoonstudio.com/sitemap.xml as you can see all the urls are http and we need them to display https.

We’d need a worker that we can easily use again on other Webflow projects.


It looks like your are asking for this since months and from what i see you are a bussines.

Could you not solve the problem till yet ?

If still in need for such a worker solution write me a email

Cheers Romeo