Looking for a way to measure the performance of my website after using Cloudflare


I want to find a reliable way to measure the performance of my website after using Cloudflare.

In the past, I use GTMatrix, however, I find the data returned by GTMatrix is rather unstable. For example, if I choose the location as Australia, and then perform the first test, the full load time will be 2.0s, then for the second time, due to the cache, the full load time will be 1.2s, then after one day, the full load time will be 1.5s.

I think the average load time for my website may be better, since I want to use it as a comparable value. For example, I want to compare the average load time when enabling and disabling “Rocket Loader”, enabling and disabling “Brotli”, etc.

But it seems to be hard to get such a data. One way is to utilize the " Average Response Time with Argo"(I have enabled Argo), which seems to be a average time in the last 24 hours. Just wonder if the response time is same as the load time? Also are there any better performance data that can be collected from Cloudflare or other sources that can reflect the performance of my website?

" Average Response Time with Argo" data are show in the below image:

How about Web Analytics? It’s real world data from your visitors:


Not really. The response time is just measuring dynamic requests (requests go to the origin) but cached requests are not counted.

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Do you mean the “Analytics” icon? I already use it and the “Performance” is under this section, see below:

I also click the “New web traffic analytics”, and see below:

In both section, there are no load time or speed metrix, except the one under performance which is related to Argo, but as erictung said, this value is not including the cached requests so cannot be used as a measurement accurately.

How about this:

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Thank you. I finally find it. It is in the right side panel of the page after login, see below:

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