Looking at migrating, got a TLD question

I’ve got a couple of domains with ‘not so popular’ TLDs - one is .NAME and the other .WORKS.

Am I able to transfer these two TLDs to Cloudflare for not only DNS but also domain registration.


You can transfer the .works domain to the Cloudflare registrar, but not the .name one. The list is here.

As for adding them to Cloudflare for DNS and CDN, etc., again, the .works domain will be fine. The .name one will be fine if it’s a second-level domain like example.name, but that TLD has third-level domains intended to be like first.last.name, and there’s no list of those, so if your domain is third-level, you won’t be able to add it (without an Enterprise account).

I own the XXXX bit of XXXX.name but I do have a blog under yyyy.XXXX.name - I’m assuming since I control XXXX.name that that’ll not be an issue?

Yes, if you own the second level, you can add it to Cloudflare, and you can create subdomains under it. The only thing you won’t be able to do is transfer it to Cloudflare’s registrar because they don’t support that TLD.

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