Looked at my DMARC management and there is a new thingy


I looked at the DMARC management, I know I’m supposed to have OVH in there, but today I saw Cloudflare, Inc. there also. I clicked on it to look further and saw this:
from domain: mydomain.us
source IP: random IP, that is not associated with me
envelop from, domain: spiderr.fun
It failed SPF but passed DKIM. Can someone tell me what that is and should I be concerned about it? Im not good with setting up emails.

reporter is google.com

It sounds like you have sent a message to e.g. “[email protected]”, where John Doe is using Cloudflare Email Routing to “forward” the message(s) to e.g. “[email protected]”.

Once the message has been received by e.g. [email protected], the SPF alignment will be broken, as the envelope from is rewritten, and therefore no longer matching your original domain, and as such, SPF will fail in the DMARC world due to the missing alignment.

Can you confirm that the source IP address was something within these?

IPv4: ( -


For the IPv6, the X’es can be any character in the list: “abcdef0123456789”.

This domain name is using Cloudflare Email Routing.

If you can confirm that the source IP address(es) are within the listed range(s) above, then no, there wouldn’t be anything to worry about.

It would in that case simply be someone who has forwarded the message(s) you sent to them, where the route to the final destination happened to be travelling through Google’s network (e.g. it may have ended up on a Gmail address).