Longtime user, locked out of dozens of domains

I’ve got a few different accounts via Cloudflare, admittedly all on the free plan, but as of the last few days, I have not been able to access them whatsoever. Password resets do not work either.

I’ve tried reaching out multiple times (whether via DM’ing @CloudflareHelp on Twitter) but I’ve heard nothing back.

This is rather mission critical for my web business as I need to be able to control all my clients’ DNS etc.

Can someone with the appropriate “powers” please help me out here? Waiting to post the account emails as I don’t want to them get spammed (via web crawlers on this site). Had to create a new account (which seemingly works just fine) just to be able to post this.

Thank you!!

Can you share a ticket number or links to the tweets? If you’ve not yet created a ticket, when you do please share the number here and I can keep an eye on it.

To contact Cloudflare Customer Support, login & go to https://dash.cloudflare.com/?account=support and select get more help. Please give Support the complete details and link to your Community post.

Let Support know the various accounts & associated domains. (If you’re unable to log in to create that ticket from one of the problem accounts associated with your domain(s), please send them an email from an account that is causing an issue. Support can only work with the account owners and contacting them from one account about another is a non-starter.)

Hi Cloonan,

Greatly appreciate the response.

I do not have a ticket created yet since they require you to login into your (my inaccessible) account, but I will use this one to request assistance. Hoping everything can be figured out without difficulty!

Thanks again.

  • Cody

Got it, thank you, can you drop them an email from an address associated with an account causing issue? You can cc all problem email addresses to give Support the big picture, support AT cloudflare DOT com.

I did exactly that just now when creating a ticket through this new account. Thank you for not only helping myself but many others on this forum as well!

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After a few days with a ticket into Cloudflare, I communicated with a rep regarding the situation and was able to recover my primary account. I nor the rep are sure how, but the email address on it changed to the email address on one of my other accounts. Thanks to Cloudflare for the expedient comms once things got rolling. They’ll make sure you get access to your account if it is indeed your account.

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