Long term analytics

I find it quite strange that both the main Analytics tab, and the Cache Analytics tab, can only display data for one week. Most analytics providers also allow viewing back weeks, months, years into the past. It seems the new Web Analytics tab can at least go back a month instead of a week, but it’s still not great, and it doesn’t have the data the other tabs have.

Any plans to store analytics data for longer? Such as first bringing up Analytics and Cache Analytics up to parity with Web Analytics, and then extending them all to years like normal?

I believe you are only using Pro plan. Business and Enterprise have access to up to 1 month of analytics (but it’s going to be 1% sampled, or even lower)

So, may I know some of them?

For example, google analytics retains data for up to 26 months, it’s also configurable.

It being sampled at lower and lower rates over long time makes perfect sense. It’s not like you’re going to need to know the number of API requests on 2019-03-14 14:10-14:20. But it would be very useful to provide a general view of historical data.