Long standing dns propergation issues effecting WHOIS?

Four months ago, we updated the records for our nameservers (ns1.our-domain co.uk and ns2.our-domain.co.uk) to a new IP address (78.47.xxx.xxx), moving away from the old IP (195.201.xxx.xxx). Alongside this change, we also transferred our domain to Cloudflare Registrar.

However, when checking with domain lookup services like ICANN or WHOIS, a customer’s domain that uses our nameservers still appears to be resolving to the old site’s IP address. This occurs despite DNS propagation checks showing it should be resolving to the new IP, a change implemented months ago.

Interestingly, these sites have been experiencing email deliverability issues. They are unable to receive emails from Office365, though they can send emails to these services. We suspect this issue may be related to the DNS discrepancies.

Gmail etc works fine though.

What is the domain name of the customer (easier to look through what’s actually happening, than guess as below)?

Are you using Cloudflare for SaaS, partial CNAME, vanity nameservers or any special Cloudflare services?

If changing the IP addresses of the nameservers, did you update the glue records?

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If you are just using Cloudflare as your DNS to return your nameserver IPs and not running any services for it, there shouldn’t be any Cloudflare related issues.

For me, everything resolves to, including all your nameservers and the customer’s domain (through your nameservers and others) so things aren’t at all resilient to failure.

Can you show where you are getting the wrong IP address in a screenshot or link?

also on your tool if you click whois under nameservers it shows the old ip

As I said above, that shows you need to update the glue records with the registrar for the customer domain. Your nameservers are resolving correctly at the DNS, but glue records don’t lookup on DNS after being set (otherwise you couldn’t look up ns1.example.com if the nameserver for it is ns1.example.com).

You could change the nameservers at the registrar to ns3 and ns4 (with the same IPs as ns1 and ns2) and this will probably update the glue records automatically due to the change in nameservers.

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