Long photo load time or not loading at all

I am a new blogger. I believe that I set up my site correctly with Cloudflare and I am using https. I am with Bluehost. People are telling me that my photos are not loading. Any thoughts? I posted in the Wordpress forums and they said that it may be a Cloudflare issue?
Here is the link to a post. https://epipensandpencils.com/thinking-about-homeschooling/
Thanks in advance.

I should add that I do not know about the tech side to this, so please be specific when responding so I can try to understand. :slight_smile:

I see the images all right. Tested on Chrome, Firefox and Safari (iPad).

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I am testing my own site on Chrome and only the first photo loads. Then as I scroll down, eventually the second one loads, and the rest do not load.
Someone left me a message yesterday that only the first image loaded. The rest didn’t but she knew I had images from the captions.

That’s the expected behavior, and it’s called “lazy loading”, a feature present in many themes and optimization plugins. They load the images that should be visible at first, then load other images as you scroll them into the viewing area of your display.

That’s odd. I visited again your site with other browsers (Edge and Opera) and was able to see all images. Please purge all cache from your Dashboard > Cache > Optimization panel, see if that helps.

I can get them to load, they just take a LONG time. Are you finding that it takes a long time to load the images?

No, I’m not. They load pretty fast here (in Brazil).

You can find out the Cloudflare colocation (data center) through which you are visiting your site by going to epipensandpencils.com/cdn-cgi/trace and looking for colo= in the response. Then check cloudflarestatus.com to see if the particular colocation has a “rerouted” status.

If not, you may want to open a ticket with CF Support by visiting https://dash.cloudflare.com/?account=support and picking the last option.

If it’s rerouted, then it shouldn’t show up in the trace. :wink:

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Ha! I never faced a reroute, I guess :cold_face:

But does it return the rerouted-to colocation? That should give a hint if it’s too far away from the OP’s location.

The map should be enough of a hint. Most of the time, I go through LAX, but sometimes my connections go to the Bay Area even if LAX isn’t rerouted. I’ve never seen trace explain a rerouting, nor do I expect it would know the difference.

It says MIA and then it says operational. Well, at least the photos load fast for someone. :slight_smile:


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