Long Loading Times due to Server/Cloudflare Issue?

My website is taking about 80 seconds to load, because of one “feather.ttf” file – see above.

It looks to be a configuration issue with the server and cloudflare as it loads fine when the site is requested directly from the server: obscuresound.com :... : London, UK - EC2 - WebPageTest Details

Look at the Time for First Byte:

  • URL: https://www.obscuresound.com/wp-content/themes/fox/css/lib/feather/feather.ttf?rny1sd
  • Loaded By: https://www.obscuresound.com/wp-content/themes/fox/style.min.css?ver=
  • Document: https://www.obscuresound.com/
  • Host IP:
  • Error/Status Code: 200 (indicating success)
  • Priority: Highest
  • Protocol: HTTP/2
  • HTTP/2 Stream: 1, weight 256, depends on 0, EXCLUSIVE
  • Request ID: 2896.100
  • Render Blocking Status: non_blocking
  • Timing:
    • Discovered: 2.360 s
    • Request Start: 2.376 s
    • DNS Lookup: 197 ms
    • Initial Connection: 174 ms
    • SSL Negotiation: 188 ms
    • Total Connection Time: 559 ms
      *** Time to First Byte: 81,746 ms**
    • Content Download: 0 ms
  • Size:
    • Bytes In (downloaded): 2 B
    • Bytes Out (uploaded): 2.2 KB

Haven’t seen that issue before with Cloudflare. My host says it has to do with Cloudflare. Does anyone have any insight? Thanks!

Hi @mikevm27

I can see that the zone is on a free plan and at the same time, you have the zone setup as a partial setup, which is only available for business subscriptions and enterprise subscriptions, but your setup might be due to it being setup via a partner, so I would suggest that you talk to Media Temple, as this is where your settings are configured. You do not have any DNS records in your account, so all your configuration has to be done in their dashboard, so this is also where I suggest that you create a support ticket regarding your performance issue.