Logs - difference between CacheResponseBytes and EdgeResponseBytes?

Hello, I am parsing logs to see how many .mp3’s are consumed on our site and I need the download size. I don’t understand the difference between CacheResponseBytes and EdgeResponseBytes, would I use both metrics to understand how many bytes the client downloaded to list? What’s the difference between ‘Cache’ and ‘Edge’… I thought the ‘Edge’ server was the cache?


see https://developers.cloudflare.com/logs/reference/log-fields

CacheResponseBytes Number of bytes returned by the cache


EdgeResponseBytes Number of bytes returned by the edge to the client

one is from cache and one is by the cdn edge as a response from Cloudflare can either be cached or not cached.

and https://developers.cloudflare.com/logs/reference/glossary

Total bandwidth (Total egress bandwidth, Edge bandwidth)

The amount of data transferred from Cloudflare to end users within a certain period of time. Total bandwidth equals the sum of all EdgeResponseBytes for a certain period of time.

Okay so the EdgeResponseBytes is what I should use to calculate the total bytes downloaded?

Thank you!


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