Logpush "Get ownership challenge" to S3

I follow the documentation [here](https://developers.cloudflare.com/logs/get-started/api-configuration/#ownership) in order to issue an ownership challenge token to my S3 destination.
However, I am getting “Authentication error” “code:1000”

Just wondering, because is not clear to me, do I also need to pass the credentials of an IAM user with the --data ? Or with another Authentication header?

Similar in those [examples](https://developers.cloudflare.com/logs/tutorials/examples/example-logpush-python/), you dont mention anywhere to pass any credentials (AWS S3) only the Cloudflare Token / email, but it fails…

Can you clarify to me what extra I need to pass in order to achieve the authentication in both sides?
Any example, from anyone who has achieve this?

So I found the issue,
I was using the following headers (based on API docs):


for some reason those does not work for me / for my POST request.
I replaced them with the
"Authorization": f"Bearer {my_api_token}"
and worked.