Logpush for workers returns workers.api.error.unauthorized

I am trying to enable Logpush for workers but having some issues.

I get the following error when enabling Logpush via the GUI using a Super Administrator (i only have one account) workers.api.error.unauthorized (see screenshot).

I also get the same error when adding logpush = true in a worker and deploying using Oauth and even tried API Token with an account with Account->Logs->Edit privileges.

Based on what I have read and also here, all i need is a paid workers subscription, which i have (see screenshot)

My account info:

  • free cloudflare account (Super Administrator)
  • paid workers subscription

What am i missing?

I see you have an open ticket. I just followed up with you there.

After 21 days, this still isn’t resolved. Ticket still open.

@emanova I am experiencing the same issue. Unable to create a ticket under current plan.

There is no Logs item under my account.