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Greetings from Italy,

I’m developing a website for my freelance activity at developing websites.
I wanted to create a site section where I show my customers the products that I as a company have choosen.

I already read Cloudflare’s page about logo and badges but I didn’t really understand it.

Is it possible for me to use Cloudflare company logo? You can see the logo at the “Scelti da noi” section on https://e-lovia.it/

I’d be really happy to have the permission of using it.

Let me know asap,
Best regards.

It looks like you are using it in accordance with their guidelines. The logo is not altered and it lets people know you have chosen Cloudflare:

Tell your visitors that your website is protected and accelerated by Cloudflare by adding a badge to your site. Not only do you let your visitors know you’re fast and safe, but you’re scoring some serious karma by spreading the word about Cloudflare!

*Bold emphasis mine.

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Thank You very much for replying!
Ok understand. I just wanted to know a bit more because of the strict rules about copywrite and trademarks here in Europe.

Have a nice day!

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