Logo and other pictures in emails sent via WordPress do not display

Whenever I send emails (Google Workspace business starter email account) from my websites and open the emails on iOS devices (iPhone and iPad), our logo and pictures in the emails are replaced with a box (a blue question mark in the center).

If I click the box, the link is working, and it will open Safari on my iPhone, and the images are displayed on the browser. But on the mail app on iOS, the images are not displayed.

If I open the emails on desktops (both Mac and Windows) and the Gmail app on my iPhone, the images are displayed properly.

My SSL/TLS is set to “full.” One of my websites is hosted by BlueHost. The other one is by HostGator. But both of them are using Cloudflare.

What kind of settings are going to solve the problem? I’ve been looking for a solution, but I can’t find any.

Please help!

I’ve found a sort of solution.

I disabled “always HTTPS” on Cloudflare, and the jpeg images on iOS mail apps are now displayed. But my logo, which was a PNG file, was still having the same problem.

Surprisingly, after I saved my logo in jpeg and replaced the PNG file with it, the logo is now properly displayed in the ios mail app.

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