Logining In disaster

Hi Folks,

I am new here. I have a clouflare set up with a single domain. I recently changed the hosted account to a VPS and changed some of the settings but not the MX records. We’re now not receiving emails. I tried to log into CF to change the MX records but it wanted to Authenticate me by sending me and email I don’t have access to. DISASTER. Can somebody help us with this?

I registered a second CF account to post this question. We’ve got a .com and .de version of our site.

Please help flash… We’ve only 14 seconds to save the earth…

When I say I have changed the hosted account, I mean I have changed my hosted service with my hosting company to a VPS service.

The easiest thing to do would be to set up a new Cloudflare account, and use an email address at a reliable provider.

If you don’t want to do that, a similar approach would be to change your name servers to something else (many VPS providers also provide DNS) and fix your DNS records so your mail is properly accessible.


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