Loging in with teams on WARP Error

I have signed up and set up teams with the following

saml sso

When I download the warp client and select login in with teams. I am able to login in with SAML but once it successfully logins, the warp app says error with no codes and try again later.

This is in the log file
Api request error Err(HttpError(500, Some(WarpApiErrorMessage { code: 2104, message: Some(“problem reading response:EOF”) }))), retrying

I have two tickets open one mobile and one desktop
232122 and 230991

Is this form a missed setting? in the www teams dashboard under logs, it shows enrollment allow

You clear the cookies in your browser, then try again. I hope it will be solved.

What browser does the warp client use to login?

I’m having the same problem as Eric.webb, but it’s not a cookie issue. It appears to be linked to a particular cloudflare tenant/account as the same devices register with a different tenant without problems.

Tried beta, no luck

I created a new login and a teams account, this one will link and works fine. Must be an issue on cloudflare side, no update as of yet.

Thanks for the update. I’m trying to decide right now if we should do the same or just switch to a different vendor. So far the customer service experience has not been great at all, especially when evidence was provided that it has nothing to do with the device or configuration, but everything to do with the CF account/tenant.

Got it to work, means someone has that tenant name.

So if it’s xxxx.cloudflareaccess.com Change the name to xxxx123.cloudflareaccess.com

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