Login, Unreconized IP

Hi can no longer login in to Cloudflare. I get a message saying " You’re attempting to log into Cloudflare from an unrecognized IP Address.
Please enter the Authentication Token that was sent to the email associated with this account." There was no token sent to me via email and there is no way of me contacting support as I am asked to login to do so.

I have now resolved the problem. I just realised that I was not receiving or sending emails from my domain, therefore that’s why I did not receive the Authentication Token. I went to my webmail account in my Cpanel and got the Token from the mail box, I then logged in to Cloudflare and changed the DNS for the mail server to grey cloud. I am no able to send and receive emails again + can log in to Cloudflare!

I hope this solution may help others with the same problem.